Knowledge about the nutritional composition of foods is continuously being created from research in this area.


MLS Health and Nutrition Research

Studies published in MLS Health and Nutrition Research they are led by researchers and professionals interested ​​in studying and improving the quality of life of people in the different contexts in which it takes place, from a perspective of change and innovation.

MLS Health and Nutrition Research publishes works in Spanish, Portuguese and English, being fully edited in the last language, also keeping an edition in the original language of the manuscript.

Its organizational structure is mostly composed of researchers, since a scientific journal, based on principles, must have its roots in the research community that has the intellectual production and relevant contributions on the subject within their respective institutions.


DIETEPID: Metodología de captura de informacióndietética para investigaciones epidemiológicas

Convenio de colaboración entre el Centro de Investigación y Tecnología Industrial de Cantabria(CITICAN) y el Centro de Innovación y Desarrollo Económico de Noja (CIDE Noja) - ALGAS_I

NUTRIX: Desarrollo de tecnologías para el análisis de pacientes en tratamientos dietéticos mediante sistemas expertos y redes neuronales